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JFI Games

Senior Game Programmer
2018.01 -

  • Built gameplay mechanics for a multiplayer TPS game. Architectured character and weapon attribute system which can be manipulated throughout buffs, skills and items, providing designers with flexibility to realize design. (C++, UE4)

  • Implemented an NPC with vision and hearing who can hunt down players in 3D space. Collaborated with artists to integrate its animation and visual effects. (C++, UE4)

  • Formulated protocols and database fields with back-end to access player records, behaviors and logs. (C++, UE4)

  • Analyzed and visualized game data and player behaviors, including the performance of weapons and player location heatmap, which helped balance tuning and level designs. (GCP, BigQuery, Python, matplotlib, seaborn)

  • Mentored a graduate from learning UE4 to architecting new system independently with my code review.

Qubit Games

Game Client Programmer
2017.07 - 2017.11

  • Built item system for Qubot with interior game engine. (C++, LynxEngine)

  • Upgraded Qubot editor with AR camera for players to place their creations into the real world and take photos, which supported translation, rotation and scaling with gestures in AR scene. (C#, Unity, ARKit)

  • Developed GUI Tool to extract data from Amazon DynamoDB for non-programmers’ use, such as in-game currency flow and behaviors of paid players. (C#, .NET, WPF, AWS SDK, DynamoDB)

Bold Conjectures

Game Programmer
2017.01 - 2017.07

  • Escape Dead Earth: Built from prototyping to optimization as the only programmer in 3 months. (C#, Unity)

  • Cartel: Prototyped on SpatialOS using SDK in alpha. Assisted them in solving bugs in SDK. (C#, Unity, SpatialOS)


National Chiao Tung University

Master of Science in Multimedia Engineering
2014 - 2016

  • Applying Monte Carlo tree search for tactical decision-making in StarCraft: StarCraft bot applied with Monte Carlo tree search for small-scaled combats, which performed well with over 90% win rate against built-in AI in scenarios with less than 16 ranged units on each side. (C++, BWAPI)


C++, C#, Unity, UE4


  • English (IELTS 7.5, L:7.5/R:8.0/W:6.5/S:7.5)
  • Chinese